Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What is Your Motivation Based On?

This is the 6th of 7 blog posts meant to help with motivation: 1) physical activity prevents disease, 2) big benefits of just 10-minute bouts of exercise, 3) the many benefits of physical activity, 4) internal vs. external motivators, 5) changing desires, 6) basing motivation on truth vs. myths/lies, and the next blog 7) demotivation of diets.  If you struggle with motivation to make dietary changes or exercise, check in with yourself to see what your motivation is based on.  If your motivation is based on any myths or lies (which are like shifting sand--when the sand shifts, motivation crumbles) consider the truth upon which to build a more firm foundation for motivation which lasts:

The Myths and Lies:

1) Your worth is based on your body image.

2) You must be perfect to succeed (have a perfect body image, eat perfectly to lose weight).

3) There is good food and bad food, and furthermore, you are “good” if you eat good food or do good on your diet, and “bad” if you eat bad food or do poorly on your diet.

4) You do not have enough “willpower” if you are not able to change your habits.

5) Once you become thin your life will be better.

6) Overweight is the problem.

7) Healthy eating is rigid.

The Truth:

1) You are worthy regardless of your body weight!

2) Not only do you not need to be perfect to succeed, you won’t be!

3) You should not extend labels or make moral judgments about yourself based on how well or how poorly you eat!

4) In the case of compulsive eating/food addiction you must release control in order to have more control in your life!

5)  Life does NOT necessarily get better just because we get thin!  Basing motivation on such MYTHS about the joy and worth of life is like building a house on shifting sand.  The sand will shift and the motivation will crumble!  Furthermore, the goal is to be able to grieve the pain of the hard times without using food to numb the pain.

6) Overweight is the symptom.  Overeating is the problem!

7) Healthy eating is flexible!

Build motivation which lasts on the solid ground of the truth!

Diane Preves, M.S., R.D.

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